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Gi-Wook Shin (Professor)

Gi-Wook Shin (650) 723-2408
Personal bio
Gi-Wook Shin is the director of the Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center; the Tong Yang, Korea Foundation, and Korea Stanford Alumni Chair of Korean Studies; the founding director of the Korean Studies Program; a senior fellow at FSI; and a professor of sociology, at Stanford University. As a historical-comparative and political sociologist, his research has concentrated on areas of social movements, nationalism, development, and international relations. Shin is not only the recipient of numerous grants and fellowships but he also continues to actively raise funds for Korean/Asian studies at Stanford. He gives frequent lectures and seminars on topics ranging from Korean nationalism and politics to Korea's foreign relations and the plight and history of Korean Americans. He writes op-eds in both Korean and American newspapers and serves on councils and advisory boards in the United States and South Korea. Shin is the author/editor of numerous books and articles. His recent books include Beyond North Korea: Future Challenges to South Korea's Security (2011); U.S.-DPRK Educational Exchanges: Assessment and Future Strategy (2011); History Textbooks and the Wars in Asia: Divided Memories (2011); South Korean Social Movements: From Democracy to Civil Society (2011); One Alliance, Two Lenses: U.S.-Korea Relations in a New Era (2010); First Drafts of Korea: The U.S. Media and Perceptions of the Last Cold War Frontier (2009); Cross Currents: Regionalism and Nationalism in Northeast Asia (2007); Rethinking Historical Injustice and Reconciliation in Northeast Asia (2006); Ethnic Nationalism in Korea: Genealogy, Politics, and Legacy (2006);

Currently teaching
SOC 316: Historical and Comparative Sociology (Winter)
INTLPOL 244D: Asia-Pacific Transformation (Winter)
SOC 267A: Asia-Pacific Transformation (Winter)
SOC 167A: Asia-Pacific Transformation (Winter)
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