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Diana Brown

Diana Brown Diana.Brown
Currently teaching
OIT 274: Data and Decisions - Base (Flipped Classroom) (Winter)
MGTECON 604: Econometric Methods II (Winter)
FINANCE 621: Financial Markets II (Winter)
FINANCE 345: History of Financial Crises (Winter)
ECON 271: Intermediate Econometrics II (Winter)
MKTG 240: Marketing Management (Winter)
MKTG 344: Marketing Research (Spring)
MKTG 249: MSx: Marketing (Winter)
POLECON 239: MSx: Strategy Beyond Markets (Autumn)
POLECON 683: Political Development Economics (Winter)
ECON 292: Quantitative Methods for Empirical Research (Autumn)
MGTECON 640: Quantitative Methods for Empirical Research (Autumn)
MKTG 644: Quantitative Research in Marketing (Autumn)
MGTECON 628: Reading Group in Industrial Organization (Autumn, Winter, Spring)
GSBGEN 559: The Policy, Politics, and Economics for Solving Global Warming (Spring)
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