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Christopher Lewis

Christopher Lewis cpkl
Personal bio
I am a joint degree student in the law and philosophy J.D/Ph.D program. I work on a wide range of normative questions about law, public policy, and interpersonal morality that arise in the context of racial, ethnic, and class-based inequality. What is the relationship between moral blame and criminal punishment, and what limits should we set on those responses to crime in unequal societies? How, if at all, should information about the incentives that offenders have to break the law, their history of recidivism, their projected risk of reoffending, and their subjective experience of incarceration, be used to determine the severity of their punishment? What normative principles should administrative agencies use to guide demographic data collection, and what do those principles tell us about the kinds of racial and ethnic categories that should be included on the federal census and other government surveys? What are the appropriate ethical and public policy responses to differences in parenting styles between racially, ethnically, and socioeconomically divided groups? Can market mechanisms in education policy reform promote racial justice? You can learn more about my research at www.christopherlewis.org.

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