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Irene Corso (Lecturer)

Irene Corso (650) 723-0591
Personal bio
Dr. Corso is originally from Caracas, Venezuela. She received her Ph.D. in Education from Stanford University in 1988. As a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Health Research and Policy, and the Language Center, her areas of expertise include curriculum development in the fields of language instruction, sociology of health, and cross-cultural medicine. She teaches and coordinates the medical Spanish program in the School of Medicine. She is also actively involved in the Center for Innovation in Global Health. In addition to her academic interests, Irene thoroughly enjoys mentoring students, hiking, and traveling.

Currently teaching
HRP 290: Advanced Medical Spanish (Autumn, Winter, Spring)
SPANLANG 10: Beginning Oral Communication (Autumn, Winter, Spring)
HRP 212: Cross Cultural Medicine (Spring)
SPANLANG 395: Graduate Studies in Spanish (Autumn)
HRP 89Q: Introduction to Cross Cultural Issues in Medicine (Winter)
HRP 280: Spanish for Medical Students (Autumn)
HRP 281: Spanish for Medical Students (Winter)
HRP 282: Spanish for Medical Students (Spring)
SPANLANG 121M: Spanish for Medical Students (Autumn)
SPANLANG 122M: Spanish for Medical Students (Winter)
SPANLANG 123M: Spanish for Medical Students (Spring)
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