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Dan Congreve (Assistant Professor)

Dan Congreve congreve
Personal bio
Dan Congreve is starting as an Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University this fall. Prior to Stanford, he received his B.S. and M.S. from Iowa State in 2011, working with Vik Dalal studying defect densities in nano-crystalline and amorphous silicon solar cells. He then received his PhD from MIT in 2015, studying under Marc Baldo. His thesis work focused on photon energy conversion using singlet fission and triplet fusion as a downconverting and upconverting process, respectively. He spent a year as a postdoc with Will Tisdale in Chemical Engineering at MIT studying perovskite nanoplatelets for light emission. He then joined the Rowland Institute in 2016 as a Rowland Fellow. His lab focuses on controlling light and energy at the nanoscale in order to attack challenging applications, with a particular focus on light emitting diodes and applications of upconversion. He was named a 2019 Moore Inventor Fellow for innovations in 3D printing.

Currently teaching
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