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Chris Lion-Transler

Chris Lion-Transler clion
Currently teaching
GSBGEN 641: Advanced Empirical Methods (Spring)
STRAMGT 577: Creativity in the Business Ecosystem (Spring)
ME 206A: Design for Extreme Affordability (Winter)
ME 206B: Design for Extreme Affordability (Spring)
OIT 333: Design for Extreme Affordability (Winter)
OIT 334: Design for Extreme Affordability (Spring)
OIT 356: Digital Business (Spring)
MGTECON 328: Economics of the Media, Entertainment, and Communications Sector (Winter)
POLECON 342: Finding Spiritual Meaning at Work: Business Exemplars (Autumn)
POLECON 351: Global Business, Religion, and National Culture (Winter)
GSBGEN 208: Leading with Values (Autumn)
ALP 306: Marketing for Measurable Change (Autumn)
OIT 652: OIT Modeling (Spring)
OIT 262: Operations (Spring)
FINANCE 587: Private Equity - An Overview of the Industry (Winter)
FINANCE 555: Private Wealth Management and Personal Investing (Spring)
POLECON 549: The Business World: Moral and Spiritual Inquiry through Literature (Spring)
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