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Cheryl Brown

Cheryl Brown (650) 723-3781
Personal bio
Cheryl A Brown, Ph.D., is the Director of Frosh 101 at Stanford. Cheryl is also a Resident Fellow in Meier Hall. Prior to joining the VPUE staff as the Director of Frosh 101 she spent eight years teaching and advising students as the Associate Director for the Program in African and African-American Studies at Stanford. In this new role, she will utilize the knowledge she gained teaching and living with Frosh as a resident fellow for the past seven years to create unique opportunities to support Frosh and their families as they join the Stanford community. Her passion for supporting students began early in her career and lead her to earn a MA and PhD in Higher Education from UCLA where she focused on understanding how universities™ policies and practices impact students' experiences. Cheryl also holds a BA and MA in African American Studies and enjoys helping students navigate the diversity that exists on campuses like Stanford. Cheryl's research and teaching focuses on understanding how to create enviornments where students are comfortable expressing their true interests and passion.

Currently teaching
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