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Barry Lee Rhein (Lecturer)

Barry Lee Rhein brhein
Personal bio
Barry is the CEO of Barry Rhein & Associates, a highly sought-after, award-winning sales training and consulting firm in the Silicon Valley that created the highly acclaimed Selling Through Curiosity and Managing/Coaching Through Curiosity programs. The company's programs are based on a hugely successful patented, proprietary method that capitalizes on curiosity-based dialogues. To date, these programs have been delivered to tens of thousands of professionals worldwide. Selling Through Curiosity achieves measurable selling results in days and weeks that would normally take months and years for most salespeople to master. The company has created a proven formula that can transform sales teams to sell more and at higher margins. The focus is on offering skills-based training on real deals in a company's pipeline. This method has been widely praised for offering simple, practical steps with an immediate impact on the attitudes, skills, effectiveness, and earnings of all participants while ensuring minimal time out of the field. In 2011, Selling Through Curiosity cracked a code never before achieved in the training world: the ability to train hundreds of thousands of salespeople in a community-based/team-facilitated on-demand format that achieved better results than in-person selling programs, including our own. Now, any team of client-facing individuals can complete the full Selling Through Curiosity and Managing/Coaching Through Curiosity programs in this on-demand format, facilitated by their direct manager. Real, measurable, scalable, and effective sales enablement. A few case studies: HP rolled out the on-demand model for 10,000 of their channel reps, and Salesforce.com rolled it out to their worldwide selling organization. Barry currently resides in Lake Tahoe California, is happily married, and has three very curious children. Awards for Barry Rhein & Associates -2011 Stevie Award Winner, Sales & Customer Service, "Sales Consulting Practice of the Year" -2011 Brandon Hall Silver Award Winner for "Best Use of Blended Learning," Hewlett Packard & Barry Rhein & Associates. -2012 Brandon Hall Certificate of Recognition, "Best Use of Blended Learning" -2013 Stevie Silver Award Winner, Sales & Customer Service, "Sales Consulting Practice of the Year"

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