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Brian Hargreaves (Professor)

Brian Hargreaves bah
Personal bio
Dr. Hargreaves directs the Body Magnetic Resonance Imaging group within the Radiological Sciences Laboratory in the Department of Radiology. His interests include magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) applications including abdominal, breast, vascular and musculoskeletal imaging. These applications require development of faster and more efficient MRI methods that provide improved diagnostic contrast compared with current methods. This research includes novel excitation schemes, efficient imaging methods and reconstruction tools. Dr. Hargreaves objectives are to train students and researchers to make contributions to medical imaging that affect patient management. His group spends a significant effort maintaining and updating MRI capability at Stanford Hospital. He teaches a lecture/lab course on introductory programming for MRI systems, as well as offering numerous lectures on MRI principles to researchers and physicians each year.

Currently teaching
BMP 229: MRI Sequences and Signals (Spring)
RAD 229: MRI Sequences and Signals (Spring)
BMP 206: Mixed-Reality in Medicine (Autumn)
RAD 206: Mixed-Reality in Medicine (Autumn)
BIOE 206: Mixed-Reality in Medicine (Autumn)
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