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Audrey Shafer (Professor)

Audrey Shafer ashafer
Personal bio
Audrey Shafer, MD is Professor of Anesthesia, Stanford University School of Medicine/VA; staff anesthesiologist, Palo Alto Veterans Affairs Health Care System; and Director, Arts, Humanities and Medicine Program, Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics. Born in Philadelphia, she studied at Harvard, Stanford and the University of Pennsylvania for biochemistry, medicine and anesthesia training, respectively. She co-directs the scholarly concentration in Biomedical Ethics and Medical Humanities, teaches creative writing for medical students, and strives to create an environment at the medical school which encourages creative exploration, collaboration and scholarly work in medical humanities. She is a founding member of Pegasus physician-writers and co-directs Translating Discoveries, a required course for clinical medical students. She is the author of Sleep Talker: Poems By a Doctor/Mother (Xlibris, 2001) and The Mailbox (Random House, 2006), a story about posttraumatic stress disorder in Vietnam veterans.

Currently teaching
ANES 200SI: Medicine in Movies: The Illness Experience (Autumn)
INDE 212: Medical Humanities and the Arts (Spring)
INDE 297: Reflections, Research, and Advances in Patient Care (Spring)
SOMGEN 213: The Art of Observation: Enhancing Clinical Skills Through Visual Analysis (Winter)
SOMGEN 216: Medical Etymology (Spring)
THINK 64: Healing, Illness, Stories (Winter)
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