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Alison Carol Kaplan Fogarty

Alison Carol Kaplan Fogarty afogarty
Personal bio
I am a sociologist, feminist, and activist interested in promoting gender equality and LGBTQI rights. I received a BA in Sociology and English at the University of Arizona in 2005 and am currently a doctoral candidate in Sociology at Stanford University. Broadly, my research explores the socially constructed nature of sex, gender, and sexuality and examines topics related to inequality, discrimination, power, and status. I am a mixed methods researcher who employs both qualitative and quantitative data in my analysis, most often in the form of interviews and surveys. I am passionate about teaching and design my courses to impact students' lives beyond the classroom. I am also a trained oral communications specialist, conducting workshops on general speaking tips and PowerPoint and working individually with undergraduate and graduate students on presentations, job talks, and interviews. In addition to conducting research and teaching at Stanford, I am a board member of Friendfactor ( www.friendfactor.org), a startup nonprofit dedicated to building LGBT-inclusive culture by activating people to become visible, vocal, and active allies in their communities. By building a community of allies and empowering them to effect real, tangible change in the immediate world around them, we can build a culture where everyone who believes in equality takes ownership over making it a reality. Friendfactor has implemented successful programs at various colleges, graduate programs, and corporate workplaces across the country. You can find out more about the work I do at www.ackfogarty.com

Currently teaching
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