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REES 320: State and Nation Building in Central Asia

Issues of identity, development, and security following the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the emergence of independent states in Central Asia and the Southern Caucasus. Topics include the impact of 9/11, the spread of radical Islamist movements in the region, its growing role as a transit route for drugs, weapons, and possibly nuclear materials, the impact of the Soviet legacy, the nature of political and economic transformations, relations with neighboring countries, security challenges, and options facing U.S. policy makers.
Terms: not given this year | Units: 3-5 | Grading: Letter or Credit/No Credit

REES 320A: Literature and Cultural Politics in the Former Yugoslavia (REES 220A)

Socialist Yugoslavia disintegrated after 46 years. The story is a telling one, let's read it! Literature in Yugoslavia went through transformations from socialist-realism at the beginning toward nationalist-realism at the end. To understand this process, it is crucial to relate it to its political and ideological background: social myths and taboos, questions of language, cultural and class identity, individual and collective rights. These issues will be explored through fictional texts by prominent Yugoslav writers, including Ivo Andric, Miroslav Krleza, Milos Crnjanski, Mesa Selimovic, Danilo Kis.
Terms: not given this year, last offered Winter 2015 | Units: 3-5 | Grading: Letter or Credit/No Credit

REES 320G: Demons, Witches, Old Believers, Holy Fools, and Folk Belief: Popular Religion in Russia (HISTORY 220G, HISTORY 320G, REES 220G)

19th and early 20th centuries. Peasants, parish priests, witches, possessed persons, cults and sects, old believers, saints, and women's religious communities. Nominally Christian, and members of the Orthodox Church, Russians embraced beliefs and customs that combined teaching from Church and folk traditions.
Terms: not given this year, last offered Autumn 2015 | Units: 4-5 | Grading: Letter or Credit/No Credit
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