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COMPLIT 10N: Shakespeare and Performance in a Global Context

COMPLIT 27Q: You Are Here: Writing in the Age of Environmental Crisis

COMPLIT 55N: Batman, Hamilton, Díaz, and Other Wondrous Lives

COMPLIT 102: Film Series: Understanding Turkey Through Film (COMPLIT 302)

COMPLIT 110: Introduction to Comparative Queer Literary Studies (COMPLIT 310, FEMGEN 110X, FEMGEN 310X)

COMPLIT 123: The Novel, the Global South (DLCL 143, ENGLISH 184)

COMPLIT 127B: The Hebrew and Jewish Short Story (JEWISHST 147B)

COMPLIT 138A: Introduction to Modern Japanese Literature and Culture (JAPAN 138, JAPAN 238)

COMPLIT 151B: Great Books: Dramatic Traditions (COMPLIT 351B, TAPS 151T, TAPS 351)

COMPLIT 154A: Film & Philosophy (FRENCH 154, ITALIAN 154, PHIL 193C, PHIL 293C)

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