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RELIGST 6N: Religion in Anime and Manga

RELIGST 10Q: Literature, Medicine and Empathy (MED 10Q)

RELIGST 11N: The Meaning of Life: Philosophical, Aesthetic, and Religious Perspectives

RELIGST 26: The Bible and its Interpreters

RELIGST 50: Exploring Buddhism

RELIGST 53: Exploring Jewish Spirituality (JEWISHST 53)

RELIGST 135: Islam in America (AFRICAAM 135A, AMSTUD 135X, CSRE 135, GLOBAL 137)

RELIGST 162X: Spirituality and Nonviolent Urban and Social Transformation (CSRE 162A, URBANST 126)

RELIGST 166: The Divine Feminine in India (FEMGEN 166)

RELIGST 171A: Biblical Greek (CLASSICS 6G, JEWISHST 5)

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