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ARCHLGY 1: Introduction to Prehistoric Archeology (ANTHRO 3)

ARCHLGY 51: Introduction to the Archaeology of Greece (CLASSICS 51)

ARCHLGY 10: The Archaeology of Home (ANTHRO 10A)

ARCHLGY 103: History of Archaeological Thought

ARCHLGY 111: Emergence of Chinese Civilization from Caves to Palaces (CHINGEN 141, CHINGEN 241)

ARCHLGY 124: Archaeology of Food: production, consumption and ritual (ARCHLGY 224)

ARCHLGY 13: Islamic Routes: Archaeology and Heritage of Muslim Societies (ANTHRO 13A, HISTORY 7E, HISTORY 107E)

ARCHLGY 151: Ten Things: An Archaeology of Design (CLASSICS 151)

ARCHLGY 224: Archaeology of Food: production, consumption and ritual (ARCHLGY 124)

ARCHLGY 34: Animals and Us (ANTHRO 34)

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