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OSPKYOTO 38: From Chashitsu to Muji: a Creative Introduction to the Roots of Contemporary Japanese Design

The chashitsu (Japanese tea house) and other Japanese traditional buildings in the sukiya style as keys to understanding the guiding principles of Japanese design and social aesthetics as they have evolved to the present day. Combination of the practical, creative and experiential, allowing students to engage with the subject of sensory design in the timeless Japanese context. Visits to Japanese traditional buildings to learn about and experience their spatial, material and sensory qualities from a historical, cultural, design and non-visual perspective. Enrollment limited.
Terms: Spr | Units: 4 | UG Reqs: WAY-A-II | Grading: Letter (ABCD/NP)

OSPKYOTO 40M: An Intro to Making: What is EE

Is a hands-on class where students learn to make stuff. Through the process of building, you are introduced to the basic areas of EE. Students build a "useless box" and learn about circuits, feedback, and programming hardware, a light display for your desk and bike and learn about coding, transforms, and LEDs, a solar charger and an EKG machine and learn about power, noise, feedback, more circuits, and safety. And you get to keep the toys you build. Prerequisite: CS 106A.
Terms: Spr | Units: 5 | UG Reqs: WAY-SMA | Grading: Letter or Credit/No Credit
Instructors: Dalmady, C. (PI)

OSPKYOTO 73: The Arc of Innovation: Japan's Cutting Edge

In Kyoto, both the old and the new coexist together in remarkable harmony. This is true for many aspects of Kyoto life, not least of which is its industries. The aim of this course is to allow students to explore how many of Kyoto's modern, high tech companies originated from traditional firms, and how they leverage their heritage (philosophies, mindset, culture, practices) for their modern day innovation.
Terms: Spr | Units: 4 | Grading: Letter (ABCD/NP)
Instructors: Sugai, P. (PI)

OSPKYOTO 103K: Third-Year Japanese Language, Culture, and Communication, Third Quarter

(Formerly OSPKYOTO 119K). Continuation of 118K. Goal is to express thoughts and opinions in paragraph length in spoken and written forms. Materials include current Japanese media and literature for native speakers of Japanese. Cultural and social topics related to Japan and its people. Prerequisite: JAPANLNG 102 or OSPKYOTO 102K if taken 2012-13 or later ( JAPANLNG 118 if taken 2011-12 or earlier)
Terms: Spr | Units: 5 | UG Reqs: Language | Grading: Letter (ABCD/NP)

OSPKYOTO 199A: Directed Reading A

May be repeated for credit
Terms: Win, Spr | Units: 1-4 | Repeatable for credit | Grading: Letter or Credit/No Credit

OSPKYOTO 199B: Directed Reading B

May be repeated for credit
Terms: Win, Spr | Units: 1-4 | Repeatable for credit | Grading: Letter or Credit/No Credit
Instructors: Hugh, M. (PI)

OSPKYOTO 210K: Advanced Japanese

Terms: Win, Spr | Units: 5 | Grading: Letter (ABCD/NP)
Instructors: Ueda, H. (PI)
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