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MKTG 526: Customer Acquisition for New Ventures

The focus of this course is on the strategies and methods used by early-stage companies to acquire customers (through outbound or inbound marketing) and to activate them (i.e., to encourage repeat behavior and/or increase the frequency of interaction). Throughout the course, we will examine topics such as search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, affiliate marketing, social media campaigns, mobile applications, freemium strategies, and the use of web analytics for tracking customer acquisition and conversion. The focus will be mainly on digital marketing channels, and the emphasis will be more B2C than B2B. Instruction will consist of case discussion and guest lectures, with students working in groups to apply their learning to improve the process of customer acquisition.
Units: 2 | Grading: GSB Letter Graded
Instructors: Lattin, J. (PI)

MKTG 532: Persuasion

The aim of this course is to provide insight into the psychology of persuasion. We will hear from industry experts to discover what they believe makes for an effective persuasive appeal (e.g., a successful pitch to investors), and we will supplement those sessions with class discussions about persuasion theory and research. The goal is provide you with deep and diverse insight into persuasion strategy. Over the course of two weeks, we will have speakers from a number of fields - giving us a broad perspective on persuasion, what constitutes (or qualifies as) persuasion, and what makes a particular persuasive message or strategy successful.
Units: 2 | Grading: GSB Pass/Fail
Instructors: Tormala, Z. (PI)

MKTG 641: Behavioral Research in Marketing I

This course prepares the student to do empirical behavioral research. It will cover all aspects of the research process, from hypothesis generation to experimental design to data analysis to writing up your results.
Units: 3 | Grading: GSB Letter Graded
Instructors: Wheeler, S. (PI)

MKTG 644: Quantitative Research in Marketing

The goal of this seminar is to familiarize students with the quantitative marketing literature and develop the process of generating research ideas and topics. Sessions will involve a mix of: nnni) a discussion of papers in a particular area in quantitative marketing; and/or nnii) a discussion of students' research ideas with respect to topics. nnnThe format will mix student presentations of papers with lectures by the instructor(s). When discussing papers in the literature, the focus will be on the topic and research question and not the methodological approach. When discussing research ideas, students should be able to articulate why their question is interesting, where it fits in the literature and how they would address their question.
Units: 4 | Grading: GSB Student Option LTR/PF
Instructors: Hartmann, W. (PI)

MKTG 691: PhD Directed Reading (ACCT 691, FINANCE 691, GSBGEN 691, HRMGT 691, MGTECON 691, OB 691, OIT 691, POLECON 691, STRAMGT 691)

This course is offered for students requiring specialized training in an area not covered by existing courses. To register, a student must obtain permission from the faculty member who is willing to supervise the reading.
Units: 1-15 | Repeatable for credit | Grading: GSB Pass/Fail

MKTG 692: PhD Dissertation Research (ACCT 692, FINANCE 692, GSBGEN 692, HRMGT 692, MGTECON 692, OB 692, OIT 692, POLECON 692, STRAMGT 692)

This course is elected as soon as a student is ready to begin research for the dissertation, usually shortly after admission to candidacy. To register, a student must obtain permission from the faculty member who is willing to supervise the research.
Units: 1-15 | Repeatable for credit | Grading: GSB Pass/Fail

MKTG 695: Directed Research

This course is designed to prepare new marketing PhD students for conducting rigorous, independent research. In this course, the student will work closely with a faculty member in collaborative research activities and will become familiar with various aspects of the research process, including developing hypotheses, designing and conducting experiments and/or analyses, and reporting results.
Units: 0 | Repeatable for credit | Grading: GSB Pass/Fail

MKTG 802: TGR Dissertation (ACCT 802, FINANCE 802, GSBGEN 802, HRMGT 802, MGTECON 802, OB 802, OIT 802, POLECON 802, STRAMGT 802)

Units: 0 | Repeatable for credit | Grading: GSB Pass/Fail
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