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PWR 1JPA: Writing & Rhetoric 1: The Rhetoric of Liberal Arts Education

PWR 1KG: Writing & Rhetoric 1: Rhetoric of McDonough

PWR 1KJ: Writing & Rhetoric 1: The Rhetoric of Film

PWR 1KSB: Writing & Rhetoric 1: Health Matters: Health Innovation and Communication

PWR 1LM: Writing & Rhetoric 1: Two Truths and a Lie: The Rhetoric of Authenticity

PWR 1MC: Writing & Rhetoric 1: Oppositional Rhetoric: Resistance and Public Protest

PWR 1MO: Writing & Rhetoric 1: Imagining Technology: The Rhetoric of Humans and Machines

PWR 1NA: Writing & Rhetoric 1: The Rhetoric of Childhood

PWR 1NF: Writing & Rhetoric 1: Language 2.0: Investigating the Rhetoric of Digital Language

PWR 1RC: Writing & Rhetoric 1: Domestication: How Humans Shape the Natural World

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