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IPS 202: Topics in International Macroeconomics

IPS 204A: Microeconomics for Policy (PUBLPOL 51, PUBLPOL 301A)

IPS 209: Practicum

IPS 209A: IPS Master's Thesis

IPS 210: The Politics of International Humanitarian Action

IPS 214: Refugees in the Twenty-first Century

IPS 230: Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law (INTNLREL 114D, POLISCI 114D, POLISCI 314D)

IPS 237: Religion and Politics: A Threat to Democracy? (JEWISHST 237)

IPS 255: Policy Practicum: Rethinking INTERPOL's Governance Model

IPS 275: UN Habitat III: Bridging Cities and Nations to Tackle Urban Development

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