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BIO 109A: The Human Genome and Disease (BIOC 109A, BIOC 209A, HUMBIO 158)

BIOE 273: Biodesign for Mobile Health (MED 273)

BIOE 374A: Biodesign Innovation: Needs Finding and Concept Creation (ME 368A, MED 272A)

BIOE 393: Bioengineering Departmental Research Colloquium

BIOMEDIN 215: Data Driven Medicine

BIOMEDIN 251: Outcomes Analysis (HRP 252, MED 252)

BIOMEDIN 256: Economics of Health and Medical Care (BIOMEDIN 156, ECON 126, HRP 256)

BIOS 250: Preparation and Practice: Interdisciplinary Drug Discovery

CHEMENG 459: Frontiers in Interdisciplinary Biosciences (BIO 459, BIOC 459, BIOE 459, CHEM 459, PSYCH 459)

CSB 242: Drug Discovery and Development Seminar Series

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