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ANTHRO 140C: Mobilizing Nature

CEE 124X: Disasters, Decisions, Development in Sustainable Urban Systems (CEE) (CEE 224X)

CEE 224X: Disasters, Decisions, Development in Sustainable Urban Systems (CEE) (CEE 124X)

CEE 224Y: Sustainable Urban Systems Project (CEE 124Y, GEOPHYS 118Y, GEOPHYS 218Y)

CEE 224Z: Sustainable Urban Systems Project (CEE 124Z, GEOPHYS 118Z, GEOPHYS 218Z)

CSRE 95: Liberation Through Land: Organic Gardening and Racial Justice (EARTHSYS 95)

CSRE 125E: Shades of Green: Redesigning and Rethinking the Environmental Justice Movements (EARTHSYS 125, EARTHSYS 225, URBANST 125)

EARTH 5: Geokids: Earth Sciences Education

EARTHSYS 105: Food and Community: Food Security, Resilience and Equity (EARTHSYS 205)

EARTHSYS 160: Sustainable Cities (URBANST 164)

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