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Stephanie Solywoda

Stephanie Solywoda stephanie.solywoda
Currently teaching
OSPOXFRD 117W: Gender and Social Change in Modern Britain (Spring)
OSPOXFRD 16: Creative Writing and Human Rights (Autumn)
OSPOXFRD 18: Making Public Policy: An Introduction to Political Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (Autumn)
OSPOXFRD 19: Constructing Natures: Science and Technology in the British Landscape (Autumn)
OSPOXFRD 22: British Politics Past and Present (Spring)
OSPOXFRD 28: Oxford and Abroad: Travel Narratives and Historiography of an Academic City (Winter)
OSPOXFRD 32: Philosophy of Language (Winter)
OSPOXFRD 41: Western Thought: Origins of Twentieth Century Semiotics (Spring)
OSPOXFRD 45: British Economic Policy since World War II (Winter)
OSPOXFRD 52: Shakespeare and Performance (Spring)
OSPOXFRD 57: The Rise of the Woman Writer 1660-1860 (Winter)
OSPOXFRD 93: Collecting the World (Autumn)
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