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Salem Aweiss (Lecturer)

Salem Aweiss siaweiss
Personal bio
Salem Aweiss holds a Ph.D. (1993) in educational studies/second language acquisition from The Ohio State University. He is currently teaching AFL at Stanford Universityâ??s Language Center. He taught at several universities in the US including University of Florida, Middlebury College, University of Maryland, and Monterey Institute for International Studies (MIIS) and at Birzeit University in Palestine. His research interests include second language acquisition, teacher training, evaluation and assessment, heritage learners, curriculum design and development, education reform, among others. He is also a certified ACTFL/ILR OPI tester and is active in the testing community. Dr, Aweiss is the co-author of a book and a number of articles in reading comprehension strategies, comprehensive education reform, interfaith dialogue, peace and tolerance education, research design in foreign language education, and other publications.

Currently teaching
ARABLANG 1: First-Year Arabic, First Quarter (Autumn)
ARABLANG 133: Third-Year Arabic, Third Quarter (Spring)
ARABLANG 133H: Third-Year Arabic for Heritage Learners, Third Quarter (Spring)
ARABLANG 1H: First-Year Arabic for Heritage Learners, First Quarter (Autumn)
ARABLANG 2: First-Year Arabic, Second Quarter (Winter)
ARABLANG 21: Second-Year Arabic, First Quarter (Autumn)
ARABLANG 21A: Accelerated Second-Year Arabic, Part I (Autumn)
ARABLANG 22: Second-Year Arabic, Second Quarter (Winter)
ARABLANG 22A: Accelerated second-Year Arabic, Part II (Winter)
ARABLANG 23: Second-Year Arabic, Third Quarter (Spring)
ARABLANG 3: First-Year Arabic, Third Quarter (Spring)
ARABLANG 3H: Beginning Arabic for Heritage Learners, Third Quarter (Spring)
ARABLANG 395: Graduate Studies in Arabic (Autumn, Winter, Spring)
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