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Pedro Perez-Leal

Pedro Perez-Leal pperezle
Currently teaching
OSPMADRD 102M: Composition and Writing Workshop for Students in Madrid (Autumn, Winter)
OSPMADRD 12M: Accelerated Second-Year Spanish I (Autumn, Winter)
OSPMADRD 13M: Accelerated Second-Year Spanish II (Autumn, Winter)
OSPMADRD 14: Introduction to Spanish Culture (Autumn, Winter)
OSPMADRD 15: Flamenco Dance (Autumn, Winter)
OSPMADRD 18: Theory and Practice of Flamenco (Autumn, Winter)
OSPMADRD 27: Canarian Night Skies (Winter)
OSPMADRD 34: Sociology of Art (Autumn)
OSPMADRD 35: Sociology for Design (Autumn)
OSPMADRD 42: A European Model of Democracy: The Case of Spain (Winter)
OSPMADRD 45: Women in Art: Case Study in the Madrid Museums (Winter)
OSPMADRD 46: Drawing with Four Spanish Masters: Goya, Velazquez, Picasso and Dali (Autumn)
OSPMADRD 48: Migration and Multiculturality in Spain (Winter)
OSPMADRD 54: Contemporary Spanish Economy and the European Union (Autumn)
OSPMADRD 60: Integration into Spanish Society: Service Learning and Professional Opportunities (Autumn, Winter)
OSPMADRD 72: Issues in Bioethics Across Cultures (Winter)
OSPMADRD 74: Islam in Spain and Europe: 1300 Years of Contact (Winter)
OSPMADRD 75: Sefarad: The Jewish Community in Spain (Autumn)
OSPMADRD 79: Earth and Water Resources' Sustainability in Spain (Autumn)
OSPMADRD 80: Word, Image and Power (Autumn)
OSPMADRD 83: Narrating the Nation: National and Post-National Spanish and Latin American Literature (Autumn)
OSPMADRD 86: Literature and Philosophy of Travel (Winter)
OSPMADRD 8A: Cities and Creativity: Cultural and Architectural Interpretations of Madrid (Autumn)
OSPMADRD 8C: Appreciating Spanish Music (Autumn)
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