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Jerry Cain

Jerry Cain (650) 725-8597
Currently teaching
CS 106A: Programming Methodology (Autumn, Spring)
CS 106AJ: Programming Methodology in JavaScript (Autumn)
CS 106S: Programming Abstractions and Social Good (Winter, Spring)
CS 106X: Programming Abstractions (Accelerated) (Winter)
CS 110: Principles of Computer Systems (Autumn, Spring)
CS 43: Functional Programming in Clojure (Winter)
CS 50: Using Tech for Good (Autumn, Spring)
CS 51: CS + Social Good Studio: Designing Social Impact Projects (Winter)
CS 52: CS + Social Good: Implementing Social Impact Projects (Spring)
CS 9: Problem-Solving for the CS Technical Interview (Autumn)
ENGR 70X: Programming Abstractions (Accelerated) (Winter)
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