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Beatriz Magaloni-Kerpel (Associate Professor)

Beatriz Magaloni-Kerpel (650) 724-5949
Personal bio
Beatriz Magaloni is an associate professor of Political Science. She is the director of the program on Poverty and Governance at the Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law; Senior Fellow at the Freeman Splogi Institute for International Studies; affiliated Faculty Member of the Woods Institute for the Environment for the two-year period beginning September 1, 2011 and ending August 31, 2013; and Faculty Fellow at the Stanford Center for International Development. Her main areas of research are comparative politics, development, and political regimes (autocracies and democracies and transitions from one to the other). She also works on poverty reduction, crime and violence, and protest.

Currently teaching
POLISCI 247G: Governance and Poverty (Spring)
POLISCI 248S: Latin American Politics (Winter)
POLISCI 347G: Governance and Poverty (Spring)
POLISCI 348S: Latin American Politics (Winter)
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