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Burke Robinson (Lecturer)

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Personal bio
Burke Robinson teaches an undergraduate course each summer, Introduction to Decision Making, and a graduate seminar each spring, Decision Analysis Applications. These courses have a pragmatic focus on how to improve the quality of both decision process and content. They include useful concepts and tools, example strategy and policy applications, case studies of real decisions, group exercises, interactive demonstrations, and "war stories" drawn from decades of decision consulting experience. Guest lectures are provided by professional management consultants and skilled practitioners of decision analysis. In an experiential learning environment, students in these courses develop their skills using state-of-the art methods and techniques for framing, structuring, modeling, assessing, analyzing, and implementing some of the actual decisions being made in a variety of different organizations - from the private sector to the public sector, from businesses to non-profits, from educational to healthcare institutions, and from community groups to non-governmental organizations (NGOs). He conducts four-day courses on decision and risk analysis for EMBA programs, most recently for universities in China, and teaches decision making seminars at Stanford for executives visiting from China. He also has a long-standing interest in crisis decision making, a subject that appears increasingly relevant as surprises occur more frequently in today's rapidly changing world. Dr. Robinson has worked for over 40 years with the top management teams and boards of many leading companies worldwide to help them make complex decisions about strategy and change in their organizations. In addition, he has led several hundred executive seminars and strategic retreats to develop agendas, identify challenges, create alternatives, evaluate consequences, make decisions, and implement actions. He was a director of Strategic Decisions Group, an international management consulting firm, as well as a director at the Institute for the Future. Currently, he is the CEO of his own consulting business. Finally, he is happy anytime to advise students on courses, majors, careers, and similar life decisions. As a StartX mentor, he offers guidance to students who are starting entrepreneurial ventures.

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